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Engine Valve
Single Metal, 2 Pcs. Construction (Bi-Metal), seat stellited & Tip Hard, stainless steels with or without tuff-triding, Hard chrome on stems.

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Valve Guide
All 30- valve guides are individually cast in gray iron. Where required certain alloying materials such as chromium, molybdenum or nickel may be added. All guides meet or exceed OE material specifications.
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Chilled Casting, Forging of En-9 & 8620 material. Hardness 58-60.

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Valve Seat
Our high-chrome alloy designed for unleaded fuels which enables 40 hardness combined with easy machinability. Features excellent resistance to high temperature corrosion in applications to 1150°F.
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C. R. Bearing
We have developed a great expertise in the manufacture of high quality Bronzes, Copper Lead, Overplated Copper Lead, Babbitts components.

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Manufacturers & Exporters of Automobiles Engine Spares.

Sanmati Exports is achieving the 100 Parts Per Million REJECTION RATIO, which is remarkable with ISO 9001 CERTIFICATED.

Since last 8 years Sanmati Exports have mastered the art of automobile spares. Our product meets to some of the strickiest quality standards which normally applies to OEM.

At Sanmati Exports customer satisfaction is guaranteed with quality certification. We have research and development team working round the clock for the quality performance as per the international standards.

Manufacturing of automobile spare is an art and we assure customers that Sanmati Exports is the best. We offer widest range of Automobile Valve, Valve Guide, Valve Seat, Valve Tappets and C. R. Bearing. Our product portfolio includes 1600 types/models of Valves, 400 Valve Guide and widest range of Valve Tappets, Valve Seat & C.R.Bearing.


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